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Bottle Buddy
IDEA BY: Joshua Goldman LOCATION: Canada CATEGORY: Social Responsibility


Bottle Buddy
IDEA BY: Joshua Goldman
CATEGORY: Social Responsibility


Now to you, a dollar thirty may not make much of a difference but for someone living on the streets, it can mean the difference between life and death.

Lugging empty cans and bottles from a six-pack of beer or a case of bottled water to a recycling center might not seem worth the time and effort for most consumers, but for homeless or low-income people, those deposits add up, so they dig through unsanitary Dumpsters or filthy trash cans in hopes of earning some cash. Among those approaching it like a full-time job, some recyclers make $30-$50 per day. That equates to 3 to 5 trash bags filled with around 700 bottles and cans. But for most, wandering in search of cans from 9 am to 5 pm won’t earn anywhere close to minimum wage. With so many people scouring the same streets and public trash cans, bottles are scarce all day. Even at night, however, competition for cans is high. To maximize nightly haul, can collectors compete for the valuable contents of curbside recycling bins left out by residents, eateries, and bars for collection by the trash service. However, this is Illegal, and many families find it quite annoying when late at night they hear clanging, so they are less likely to leave bottles outside or in their garbage bins. My idea connects the bottle collectors with the bottle consumers, making it easier for the recyclers to find bottles. When a consumer has empty bottles that they want to get rid of, they go onto our website and say how many bottles they have what their address is, etc. Then our site finds the closest beer store to the house and updates the store's list of bottles that need to be picked up. When the homeless people come to recycle their bottles, they see the list and now where to go next, making their route more efficient.