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Enhanced Solar Energy Power House
IDEA BY: Medha Sharma LOCATION: Other CATEGORY: Technology


Enhanced Solar Energy Power House
IDEA BY: Medha Sharma
CATEGORY: Technology


Solar Energy is abundant in nature & scientists are always seeking to find an alternative source of electricity. Solar Energy can be used to decrease our dependency on non-renewable energy sources for electricity by increasing the efficiency of solarpanels.

Most powerful Solar panels have efficiency of about 40-50% and may go at max 60%. These results may also vary with environment and weather. To increase the over all efficiency of any solar plant, we can use another very basic technique of Green House. The solar panels can be grouped inside a well structured Green House designed especially to maximize the solar energy incident over the panels. Green House will trap the solar waves for such enough long period so that all extractable energy can be stored. Aditionally, for the heat energy can also be stored using heat trnsducers, but only for the wavelengths not used by solar panels, this can be made sure by covering all the area with panels and the heat transducers will be installed under the panels and/or collecting heat from glass walls. This installation can be done in a power plant and/or on the rooftops of each house. Starting installation cost will be high but the improved energy extraction that is its efficiency will overcome all of it. -The Glass of the green house may be replaced by poly. for lowering the installation costs and this can be used where lower output power is needed, like for light household uses. -The design of the green house can be made such that not only longer-wavelength (IR) but the desired ones(utilized by solar panels) also remains trapped inside. This can be done by careful surface cutting/shaping such that most of the time escaping waves feel TIR from the glass walls and hence remain trapped inside. -The glass can be shaped concave-convex, concave from outside, convex surface from inside.