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Return of the Temple
IDEA BY: Oxana Best LOCATION: Other CATEGORY: Science/Medical


Return of the Temple
IDEA BY: Oxana Best
CATEGORY: Science/Medical


Application is intended to change the current way of living - from life maintenance to life itself. Everyone will be able to easily reach answer holders for their questions or queries of any type. A comprehensive system of relations on which the application is based will accelerate the manifestation of trends which have already started now

The application combines 144 points of interaction of people in all areas of life maintenance. Personal property is the basis and support of the system. Each person takes responsibility of holding and managing his or her personal property. The chain of human interactions is traced based on the movement of objects, labor input, usage of ideas, expressions, speech, artistic creativity. Each interaction is a new unit of exchange that is going to replace money. Units are accumulated when ideas, things or property are in use. Everyone gets points for interaction. As a result of personal activity and contribution, competence is formed as the basis of role distribution system. Those who are more in demand, who are more often addressed to, become the ones who take on responsibility for the collective decisions in joint areas. The combination of ownership as responsibility for use of property and activity as unit of exchange gives the competence of decision-makers. The application will completely relieve tension in society, because the system makes impossible and pointless to steal someone else’s life results. Access to taking ownership of the property will be granted when the need is expressed. Control will have importance in terms of your own life only: numbers, reports as well as any type of comparison will no longer make sense. Aggression, hatred and need to exchange imaginary values will disappear, too. Four discoveries. 1. Path to the recovery of the society. 2. Accelerating trends that have emerged in the society due to modern technical equipment. 3. The society does not need to be educated and mentally prepared. Everything necessary already exists. 4. Opportunity to give each person access to their hidden powers and desires. http://www.project144.com/en/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smNLLf77AgA