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We Will Explain
IDEA BY: Baraa Abu Amsha LOCATION: Other CATEGORY: Education


We Will Explain
IDEA BY: Baraa Abu Amsha
CATEGORY: Education


what does it mean to explain? Are you known as a good explainer? Well we invite you to share your art of thinking to help others around you , simplifying knowledge making it free and easy for everyone.

It's a sure thing to face some difficulties when going through the journey of learning anything and trying to crack textbooks and rigid instructions; having this "But why! " when you study ;surpassing these difficulties and answering these "why"s creates experience and knowledge and describing the logic you used to get around with the problem is the process of explaining! Here we invite you to answer the "whys" of someone else and to share your logic and way of thinking to explain something you had problem with in the past to someone else in your neighborhood The point is to discard the rigid patterns of school education which makes learning hard And make a change in how things go ; turning learning into something easy Then inherting the ability to think correctly to people you explained to so they would be able to explain to themselves and their friends in the future Thus createing a web of explainers everywhere! That's the general philosophy of "we will explain" Now if you wish to become a part of this All you need to do is to carry a the symbol of "we will explain" with you on a bracelet or something and on social media ..now you are an "expliner" and people shall ask you for help in something , in real life and in social media , the better you explain the more you will be known , eventually you will be choosed to teach other people the art of explaining and remember that the greater your difficulties ,the brighter your ability to explain Become an active member and help others! Become einstein in the eyes of someone!