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IDEA BY: Cindy Bongard LOCATION: Canada CATEGORY: Technology


IDEA BY: Cindy Bongard
CATEGORY: Technology


Phone app for vulnerable sector: the idea here is to develop an app that allows vulnerable members of society to feel safe while moving through public spaces and to be able to alert their designate when perceived threats are immanent.

The idea for SaferWalk is relatively straight forward. The phone app would allow a vulnerable party to create a designated recipient(s) to whom a photo of a potential threat would be sent in real time for the recipients to react and record vital information for the purpose of 1) bringing aid to the vulnerable party and 2) creating a record of the threatening event or identify the threatening party. This action of capturing a photo record could also act as a deterrent where threatening actions are being considered toward a vulnerable member of society. So here is a possible scenario: A female university student is walking through a wooded area toward campus. Though she is on a publicly accessible trail, parts of it are very secluded. At one of these sections, she is approached from behind by a prospective assailant (whom she hears moving toward her). She is able to turn and press one button on her phone that will immediately capture an image of the prospective assailant and send it to the student’s 'designate'. The designate will receive the image and be alerted to the fact that the student is feeling threatened and has sent the image as a precaution. The designate will then try to contact the student to see if she is safe (i.e. the image was sent in error). If the designate receives no response, then emergency response tactics will be pursued (such as alerting the police about concerns for the student's safety). The image received by the designate will help 1) aid in the subsequent investigation and 2) act as a possible deterrent to the prospective assailant: where the app is known to the public, the assailant may abandon the plan of attack knowing a photo has been sent and received.