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Theory of Augmentation.
IDEA BY: Abdullah Chauhan LOCATION: Other CATEGORY: Science/Medical


Theory of Augmentation.
IDEA BY: Abdullah Chauhan
CATEGORY: Science/Medical


This Theory explains how the universe is running and by which it is governed. It explains the scientific mechanism of revelation, spooky action, consciousness, and B-theory of time.

Since Einstein's theory is not applicable before the Bigbang. For the explanation of that string theory comes in. But now their is a different perspective. Definition : Universe is not made up of just quarks, photons, and strings but it is of very tiny secret particles which must have following properties: It's the end and only one. Means the tiniest particle which can exist. It posses different types of behaviors on it's different sequence of arrangement. It's capable of holding memory and information. It's different arrangements gives different information to different scenarios just like binary bits that gives different information on different arrangement of 0's and 1's. Its anti-particle is nothing. Means that if the particle exists then it's opposite particle can't exist. (Nothing is opposite of everything). Now why this type of particle must have to exist. For example: if we are going to make a game in which we want to fire when we click we must have to write a code compile it and after that it is saved in the machine in some specific binary sequence. if we look at the whole universe it's full of different laws of nature different scenarios different kinds of actions and reactions and these laws, reactions, and scenarios must have to be saved somewhere.A certain kind of thing like server must have to exist. And here comes the scientific mechanism of revelations. Revelation is something related to spiritualism. when revelation takes place it meas that god sent some information to person which is not known by him before. So what happens actually when revelation takes place? Explanation in the light of theory of augmentation. (Remaining matter is in the pictures since word limit reached).