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IDEA BY: Robert Celik LOCATION: Canada CATEGORY: Education


IDEA BY: Robert Celik
CATEGORY: Education


The future requires integrated decision making yet our educational system isolates us into ‘programs’ and ‘degrees’. For the betterment of humanity, we need to expose students to a wider array of subjects across all fields.

Complex geopolitical problems, for example, cannot be solved by one individual alone. We need politicians, historians, geographers, sociologists etc. Instead of training individuals to have solely narrow educational focuses we should be exposing them to a variety of opinions, viewpoints and lenses to approach problems and see the world. It is in human nature to stick to what we are good at. As a result, we lack understanding of other fields of study and learning methods. Not only is this a precursor to conflict but it is also a source of misunderstanding and poor decision-making. ‘Distill’ is a platform to distill knowledge from a range of post-secondary courses into digestible content. Even though someone is studying engineering or kinesiology, the knowledge they could gain from an anthropology course, for example, is not any less valuable. The purpose of Distill is to diversify our education system and remove the silos and barriers of being in a particular 'faculty'. We should be encouraging students to learn from the most diverse array of subjects possible. This is particularly important when solving the multifaceted problems of tomorrow. Also, many fields of study are overlooked and misunderstood, such as genocide studies and indigenous relations. However, these fields offer some of the most important insights into human nature and understanding the world around us. Through Distill, students can maintain the uniqueness and specialization of a degree but still be exposed to content that they would previously have ignored. This approach can develop the most well-rounded and cultured leaders of tomorrow.