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MRBS (Multiple Rechargeable Battery System)
IDEA BY: Emir Mujić LOCATION: Other CATEGORY: Technology


MRBS (Multiple Rechargeable Battery System)
IDEA BY: Emir Mujić
CATEGORY: Technology


Thinking green, electric cars are our future. This charging system solves the main problem with electric vehicles, which is their need to be charge rather often. Principe is 'recharging batteries, while driving on batteries'.

There are seven Lithium-Ion batteries connected in heptagon. Each of them has its own slot on the main frame, where all the wires are connected. One of these seven batteries is used to power the vehicle motor, while the rest of them are either in cooling or recharging phase. Generator, which is used as a charger, is powered by motor. There are 4 phases in the charging cycle and each battery goes through 4 charging phases. At any given point, 4 batteries are charged simultaneously. When motor powering battery is drained, battery frame rotates and the next battery in the row stars powering vehicle motor. However, battery that is drained has to pass through cooling process before it can be recharged. Like with some EVs today, water is used in cooling process. Also, battery is passing through cooling process once more, after charging and before starting to power vehicle motor again. These are steps of entire process for a single battery: 1. Battery is powering the vehicle motor 2. Cooling after drainage 3. First charging phase 4. Second charging phase 5. Third charging phase 6. Fourth charging phase 7. Cooling after charging 8. Power the vehicle motor again The MRBS system has to have backup power system which is separated from frame of batteries in case the main system fails or runs out of power. This backup battery is also used to power a small electric motor rotating heptagonal frame of batteries. Like any other system for energy conversion, it cannot run perpetually. There are always some losses of energy due the friction of belt between motor and generator or due to electrical resistance of wires. Thus, the whole system should be recharged once we reach the destination.