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 United Imagination
IDEA BY: Adam Jonah LOCATION: USA CATEGORY: Social Responsibility


 United Imagination
IDEA BY: Adam Jonah
CATEGORY: Social Responsibility


Our mission is to encourage imaginative exploration by donating interactive art installations to hospitals, schools, libraries and community centers. Using innovative art installations as a medium for creative expression and as a method of healing for people of all ages.

To face the greatest challenges of our time, we need to exercise our imagination and use creative thinking. Our interactive art installations invent a new dynamic of how art is experienced, where the observer becomes a collaborating artist. By allowing observers to add and erase their own imaginary ideas to the art -- they begin to exercise their creativity -- impacting how they think and behave throughout the rest of the day – opening their mind to fresh possibilities and perspectives. In each installation, I capture a curious situation in nature and then add my own imaginary element. This begins a conversation between artist and observer that it is possible to enhance the photo with new creations. By being able to draw and erase on the installation, observers can enjoy creating without fear of permanent change to the piece.   For I believe it is fear that prevents people from engaging their mind in new and creative ways. These innovative installations also foster collaboration amongst observers, as multiple people can work on the installation together. My hope is that interacting with this artwork can serve as a gentle reminder and inspiration to people that they have the unique capability of using their imagination to impact the real world.   This idea is very feasible to implement. The cost of each installation is approximately $300.  With the $10,000, an installation can be placed in over 30 hospitals, schools, and community centers in major U.S. cities and around the world. We currently have many requests for installations from hospitals and other children’s organizations and need this funding to fulfill the demand. We can affect a national shift in mindset, break mental barriers, positively impact relationships and attitudes—all of which will occur from helping people embrace their inner creativity. Please visit www.unitedImagination.net.