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The Return Of The Tailor
IDEA BY: STeve Pelman LOCATION: Canada CATEGORY: Education


The Return Of The Tailor
IDEA BY: STeve Pelman
CATEGORY: Education


With online automated training and online standards of tailored standards of proper fit, I can create self employment on masse without students having to sew. In this way they can compete with readymade garments that do not meet fitting standards.

Steve Pelman is a hand cutter of bespoke garments in Vancouver, Canada. His lifelong passion is to replace a generation of “European Tailors” lost in World War Two. TailoringDesign as a new profession is the hybrid of the old tailor and modern personally manufactured “tailored wool garments”. Steve is the first to publish online tailoring standards for those suit shopping. (Planet-tailored.com) The site will be monetized by offering online links to retailors who are confident in maintaining these standards, making the site world class. His plan is to rebuild the values and the lost profession with massive online training for self-employment. Graduates would partner initially with our central production and seasonal online marketing. Each TailoringDesigner will be able to compete with a world of brands made for nobody in particular with these online standards of Planet-tailored. Graduates that may appear within 20 hours of study starting with tens of thousands of dollars’ annual revenue. Tailoring designers are taught autonomously how to measure, how to create a mock fitting, run a business and build a loyal clientele. With ongoing FAQ, forums and Vancouver boot Camp videos, to create a support base The standardization of fit for quality is the next new thing that men can derive value in their physical perimeters and weight. The tailored or wrinkle free sculpted suit has been known 3 times in history for building a middleclass, something that is in jeopardy today. Tailoring Design has the ability to support each countries new economic engine, from sheep herding and shearing for wool and manufacturing to tailoring designers and support team. Steve Pelmans Genius idea is fundamental for a better self-employment for the planet. He needs the funds to hire expertise to market the course.