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Knowledge Generator (KG)
IDEA BY: Erwin Sniedzins LOCATION: Canada CATEGORY: Technology


Knowledge Generator (KG)
IDEA BY: Erwin Sniedzins
CATEGORY: Technology


We’ve invented an Artificial Intelligence personalized gamification of ANY content that enables people to scientifically learn 32% better, 3 times faster with 80% retention, more confidence and fun - all in real time. Teachers are optional!

The Knowledge Generator (KG) is a global learning and training disruptor since it does not need teachers to help students from pre-K to 12 learn better, faster and easier as well as those with learning disabilities, ESL and blended subject .material. Teachers use the KG as an assistant More than 300 Million students do not graduate with a high school diploma due to; information overload, lack of personal attention and support, learning difficulties, etc. The KG will now give them their own personalized virtual tutor to help them learn 32% better, faster and easier with more confidence and fun. The KG is used by Little Owl Pre-School & Elementary to help students self-learn the school's curriculum using the Artificial Intelligence ‘Gamification’ Avatar that engages students to interact with the content that the teacher or parent inputted. Students now have a life-long Avatar learning system. In a recent evaluation of the Knowledge Generator at Silverthorn High School , Principal Ron Ellis stated, “I am amazed at the extremely high level of concentration and the rapid learning that was achieved by our Special Needs students.” Mr. Bruce Miles, MBA, Head of Special Education Department with the Toronto District School Board at Frank Oak Middle School, states; “When a student catches the vision of self-directed learning s/he will champion Mount Knowledge 'Gamification' because it lets him/her learn stuff that interests him/her while meeting the requirements of learning”. Students were so excited with Mount Knowledge that Kevin exclaimed, “I have never been able to do essays or writing because of my lack of vocabulary. Since this program works the way my brain works, I now have no fear of essays because I now have a way to learn the words I used to struggle with.”