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World Wide Airplane Tracking
IDEA BY: Norman Rankin LOCATION: USA CATEGORY: Technology


World Wide Airplane Tracking
IDEA BY: Norman Rankin
CATEGORY: Technology


No more lost planes like Malaysian Air. Rescue and recovery missions to GPS location. Notification when a plane deviates from flight path permitting intervention. Crash site GPS location remotely recorded.

Einstein Contest Submission 2017 My Einstein concept is a system which would track all private and commercial aircraft using existing digital broadcast technology in conjunction with existing GPS and communications satellites. This would solve several existing problems within the industry which puts peoples security and lives at risk. This system would simply use existing GPS and digital communications technology which is presently utilized in other ways, and would merely utilize it in a new application. This device would be attached to the black box of all commercial airlines which would transmit a digital signal which would include the ID of the plane, and the GPS location of the plane every second through the satellite system to monitoring computers on the ground. The signal would be encoded preventing malicious coopting and the unit would operate whenever the plane was operational and would be buried deep within the plane preventing any tampering. A plane could not take to flight until it was confirmed by fight controllers that the ID and GPS beacon was completely operational. The system would operate without intervention needed unless or until a plane deviated from its set course, a crash, or a distress signal was sent by the pilot. If a deviation was sensed, it would alarm monitoring personnel which would be able to pull up the complete information of the planes profile including passenger list and as constructed mechanics. This would prevent the loss of planes as Malaysian air, or confusion such as on 9/11. It would enable rescue missions to the exact GPS location or scrambling of fighter aircraft to interception GPS location. If it crashed into the ocean, the last GPS location sent is saved in the system. No more lost planes. Existing technology used. Inexpensive devices using present technology. Several issues solved. Perfection.