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The Innovation Station
IDEA BY: Shaan Hooey LOCATION: Canada CATEGORY: Business


The Innovation Station
IDEA BY: Shaan Hooey
CATEGORY: Business


Have you ever had an amazing idea that you forgot? The Innovation Station is a secure user-friendly platform for you to remember your ideas and turn them into a reality!

Innovation is all around us. Everything we have in this world is a product of someone’s innovation. However, our brain only remembers about 10% of the information we are exposed to. So, how much more innovation could be happening if people could remember all of their amazing ideas? The Innovation Station is a secure application to store innovative ideas and present them in a manageable, stepwise fashion so that people are more inclined to not only remember their ideas, but actually follow through on them! Users of our product can write down an idea whenever it pops into their head, wherever they are. However, instead of just writing down keywords on a notepad, The Innovation Station allows people to write down the purpose of the idea, a timeline, and criteria for success. The first part of the app is the “Create new idea” tab. When this tab is pushed, you are taken to a screen where you enter a title, purpose, timeline and criteria for success of your idea. The title is to ensure that all keywords that will help you best elaborate on your idea are accounted for. The purpose is to ensure that your solution solves a legitimate solution, and so you realize it is unique. The timeline is to break the development process into chunks so it is more manageable to develop your idea, and the criteria for success is a basis to ensure that your product is successful and, if it isn’t, an indicator that your time could be better spent on another idea. Finally, the “Your ideas” tab on the app will display all of your saved entries so you can continue to use the aforementioned steps to develop your product into a reality.