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Recycling 3D Printer
IDEA BY: Jesse Wright LOCATION: Other CATEGORY: Technology


Recycling 3D Printer
IDEA BY: Jesse Wright
CATEGORY: Technology


A cheap 3D printer with zero environmental impact, able to recycle used materials such as plastic containers, on board, and use them to print the designs within the home.

A economical, cheap and environmentally friendly 3D printer, which instead of using store bought filler rolls to print creations with, is actually able to recycle used materials on board and use them to print the designs. Ideally, the printer would have zero environmental impact being solar powered and emissions controlling. At first, I would like to develop this design so that it can recycle plastics such as HDPE and LDPE and then move onto recycling other materials such as metals and possibly even organic wastes as technology advances. The printer could range in uses from a domestic appliance, to create new toys or tools, or to fix something with a minimal turnaround timeframe. It could also be used for industrial purposes where large constructions can simply be printed by placing used metals or plastics into the printer and it producing cars, houses or even skyscrapers. But perhaps the people that would benefit most from this design would be those in third world countries. If the printer was built to the stage where it could self-replicate (or close enough to it) individuals in desperate need of basic materials and resources would finally have access to what they need, from a basic water filter, to decent housing conditions, all of which could be made out of discarded plastics and other materials that would have otherwise found themselves in landfill. The beauty of a design such as this is that it would not only be capable of software updates but also hardware updates with the printer being capable of printing new arms or gears that might be required for it to achieve new designs, or to manufacture with new material as time goes on.