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IDEA BY: Kushagra Goel LOCATION: Other CATEGORY: Technology


IDEA BY: Kushagra Goel
CATEGORY: Technology


Simply, a dumpster which knows how much garbage it has and tells the garbage collector to clean it when necessary. All that running on very low power. It runs on any type of communication technology.

What vehicle is most in use, bulky, heavy, smelly, visits your neighborhood everyday, but you cannot live without it? If the word "garbage truck" came to your mind, then you are correct. However, these trucks cause a lot of pollution and use a lot of fuel as they are by default heavy, plus, they have to carry the waste of multiple neighborhoods. Eco-Bin solves this problem. Simply put, an Eco-Bin is a traditional dumpster with a few special modifications. These "modifications" are basically: a distance sensor, a transmitter, and a small computer barely the size of your thumb. These components are made into one single module. Then the module is attached to the lid of the dumpster facing inside. The distance sensor measures the distance between the garbage and the lid. (It lessens as the garbage inside it increases) . Due to the less probability of every dumpster being completely full everyday, only the ones which are full or below the threshold transmit their identities which are received at the garbage collection center. Using any mapping interface(say Google Maps), an efficient route can be planned so that each truck only visits a dumpster when it is full. This ensures that fuel and time are saved and pollution is minimized. Power requirements are extremely low. It can run on a conventional 9 volt battery for up-to 1 year. Thus, solar panels are a very good method of powering an Eco-Bin. It is possible to run an Eco-Bin on any type of communication technology(Bluetooth, GSM, etc). This is why I think Eco-Bin has the potential to revolutionize garbage collection while reducing the harmful effects to the environment.