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Old Friends
IDEA BY: Philip Smith LOCATION: Other CATEGORY: Social Responsibility


Old Friends
IDEA BY: Philip Smith
CATEGORY: Social Responsibility


I got the idea of the service from the Big Brother and Sister programs that operate in the USA which provide companionship, leadership, guidance and teaching to kids. I believe that the prevention of loneliness is worth investing in.

My idea is simple but I not existent in a world where people desperately need it. The aim is simple, provide friendship, companionship and opportunity in life for human beings that have aged and outlived others to an extent where they are now finding themselves alone. Consisting of an online and physical presence the service caters to the issue of loneliness in the elderly, a terrifying risk we all may face but fail to properly address. It is far past time to create a charity organisation that focuses on dealing with the issue of loneliness in the elderly. Essentially a website is created, elderly people are allowed to create ads for companionship possibly profiles so that they connect to each other also and volunteers who work for that charity who lives in areas nearby do that activity with the elderly gentleman or lady. Imagine Frank Reynolds, aged 75 is sitting alone in his house in Buffalo. His wife deceased some years ago, his friends gone and children living abroad. He used to go fishing on a weekly basis but now is unable to go. He creates an add on the charities website "Old Friends", giving the date, time, location and activity. Then three days a later a volunteer who has been cross examined and on the database of the website who lives locally offers to take Frank fishing. Frank has companionship, the volunteer helps an elderly neighbor he never would have known before and a friendship is created. Frank has spent nothing, has something to look forward to and made a friend. By orchestrating this through the chastity we can safeguard the elderly against any abuse online and even offer courses and help in creating their adds, for example they email the charity to do it for them.