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Unum Industries
IDEA BY: Austin Bonery-Bouchillon LOCATION: USA CATEGORY: Business/Technology


Unum Industries
IDEA BY: Austin Bonery-Bouchillon
CATEGORY: Business/Technology


Unum Industries is a business that would be led by a dogma of helping humankind into another knowledge renaissance. It would accomplish this by hiring people from all fields including science, business, education, as well as other fields.

The employees then would be assigned to a specific project to work on. The project idea would be proposed by anyone, but would go through a rigorous vetting process by a board which would be comprised of individuals from all professional fields that at least had a master and a minimum of 20 years? experience in their respected profession. During this process, the board would analyze the financial benefit for the company, considering the benefits for humanity, and if there was no profit to be made, does the situation call for the idea under the pretext of humanitarian aid. Once the idea was passed through the board, it would appear on the CEO?s table for one last approval. If the idea was not approved during this last step, it would be sent back to the board for re-evaluation. However, if the idea passed these steps then it would be given to the original person who proposed the idea. Then, they would assemble a team that they select so that they could begin the work. If successful, the idea would be patented by the company under Unum Industries and the creator of the idea. The person who proposed the idea would then get anywhere from 10% to 20% of the profit. The remainder would then be allocated to the rest of the workers and to the company. If employees do not have a project that they are assigned to, then they may conduct research as that would align to the goals and mission of Unum Industries. Each department would be structured in a similar fashion. For example, the Astrophysics department would have their own department executive to lead the research of their field. Employees would be hired from across the world to ensure diversity of individuals and ideas. Unum Industries would seek out to solve the problems of the world through this process and with science. Unum Industries is the future for humanity on a global scale.