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The Next Einstein Competition

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Increase airfoil circulation to triple wind energy from wind turbines.

Wind turbines are idle up to 80% of the time because they require a very strong wind to operate. A redesigned blade that cuts-in below median wind speeds would permit operation over 95% of the time, tripling renewable energy generation.

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Submitted Mar 5th, 2016

A battery utilizer, this device could revolutionize the common battery as we know it.

A device that utilizes all common batteries (AAA, AA, C and D) also rechargeable and Lithium. It converts any smaller battery into a larger one easily and conveniently. (AAA to AA, C or D) - (AA to C or D) - (C to D) It has 6 various combinations

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Submitted Mar 5th, 2016

Our Reading Program

A mutually beneficial program that provides greater incentive for students to connect with their readings while simultaneously positively impacting literacy overseas.

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Submitted Mar 10th, 2016